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 Interesting Read...

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Totally Addicted
Totally Addicted

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PostSubject: Interesting Read...   August 9th 2009, 7:15 am

I found this on the Mother & Baby website just interested in what others theing of this

Dumped baby: why I feel sorry for the mother
It was hard not to be affected by the picture that
appeared on the front page of a number of newspapers and websites this
week of a beautiful baby, named Sunday April by police...

to the NSW Department of Community Services, they had a huge response
to their last-ditch effort to find the baby's mother who left the
newborn on the doorstep of a Dubbo home in April this year.
Sadly, it was not the responses they'd hoped for. More than 50
people rang to say they'd happily adopt the three-month-old, but there
were no clues to the identity of the mother.
As a mum, I completely understand that emotional reaction to seeing
the tender image and knowing the heartbreaking story behind it. The
reactions I found harder to understand were from those who felt the
need to attack the baby's mother.
Many of the readers' responses to this news story on websites were
just plain cruel. They included statements such as, "When are we going
to stop stupidly swooning over useless, irresponsible females of our
species ." It actually hurts me just to re-type those words.
Useless and irresponsible? Try scared, isolated and ultimately brave.
Like most mothers, I've had a happy experience of pregnancy and
birth, mostly due to being surrounded by a loving husband, family and
friends. I can't even imagine how painful it must be to keep an
all-consuming secret growing inside for nine months — and to be in
constant fear of the final outcome.
The idea of going through the labour and birth, most likely alone,
is terrifying. No supporting partner squeezing your hand, no reassuring
midwife to guide you through. Being scared out of your mind. Cutting
the cord, delivering the placenta, cleaning up the mess, and then
wondering what on earth to do with the baby. The two of you crying.
But then being brave enough to swaddle the baby and leave her in place where she'd be found and cared for.
We really need to wonder what drove this mother to hide her
pregnancy and baby. Why was she too scared to tell anyone? Did she not
have anyone close to her who noticed? Was she too afraid to see a
doctor who could have helped her? This is clearly a woman who did not
have love and support around her.
In the next few weeks, Sunday April will be placed for adoption if
her birth mother does not come forward. She will be given to a loving
family who will raise her as their own. But when she learns of the
circumstances of her adoption she will wonder who her mother is.
And the mother? She will come to realise that the painful secret she
carried for nine months didn't end with the birth. As NSW Minister for
Community Services Linda Burney said, "There probably won't be a day in
the mother's life where she won't think about this little girl."
If only the mother could also find the love and support that has eluded her.

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Totally Addicted
Totally Addicted

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PostSubject: Re: Interesting Read...   August 9th 2009, 7:56 am

Sad story but at least there are lot's of family's willing to adopt her.
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Interesting Read...
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